The Paddington Residence is also known as the ‘White House’ and is an architecturally designed house from the 1980s. The original house featured work by Australian Architect Peter Stronarch and well renowned colourist George Freedman. The project aims to maintain the original design intent whilst updating and creating a space fit for its new owners.

The dwelling is sited away from the main road and hides the vast volume of the building underground. The modern modification of the existing 3 storey void creates a space that not only rethinks the way we bring light into the home, but uses it to create contrasting plays of light and shadow that move through the day.

Divided into modern proportions in both the vertical and horizontal axis, the multiple levels have been harmonised to read as one. The low existing ceiling heights have been maximised with playful and deliberate bulkheads to create articulated coffers that define the spaces below them. The end result, built to the highest standard is a true collaboration of experts in their own disciplines.

Credits Brand & Creative by Extension   |  Website by Lettuce